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Marine Stainless Steel Hood
  • Marine Stainless Steel Hood

Marine Stainless Steel Hood

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China Marine Stainless Steel Hood Introduction:


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Marine Hood

Stainless steel construction

Set gas-liquid separation adjustable filter stencil , easy to clean

Set oil drain valve in the oil hood , set the somke output on the top ,easy to connect with somke exhaust

Set adjustable feet

The size and shape as per customer request customize

As per the customer request , set fire extinguishing system automatically

The fire extingusihing system can fire and warn singals

The fire extinguishing system can control power to cut off

The fire extinguishing system set manpower starter equipment

Marine Environmental Protection Water Wash Smoke Hood

Cover body stainless steel construction , reliable , beautiful

The full automatic control , with purifying circulating water tank , set the flacoring box on the water tank , set the spray purifying module and fon unit in the oil hood

Have fire safety feature ,oil is not easy to accumulate ,easy to clean and maintain time

The oil filter is 93% , somke and smell isolation rate is 55% , can solve the problem of pollution of air and wall pollution effectively

Can reduce the heat general during cooking

Marine Photolysis Oily Fume Purification Hood

Main features

Full high-quality stainless steel , corrosion and durable

Use UV light purification technology to deal with galley oil


In the role of centrifugal fan, the oil fumes will first pass through

the oil filter plate, most of the large particles of oil droplets are

blocked by the oil plate, blocking the oil through oil tank on

the oil plate leading out. waste oil through centralized collec

-tion, then unified processing

After a small amount of grease and particles after the oil filter,

the molecular structure of the fumes is changed under the

condition of stable dual-wavelength ultraviolet light, and the

macromolecular compounds of the grease are degraded

into low molecular weight compounds

At the same time dual-wavelength ultraviolet light source to

produce ozone

In the ultraviolet light and ozone under the double oxidation,

the galley oil fumes oxidized into water and oxides and odor

is eliminated, after purification equipment, the removal rate

of fumes to above 97%

Each UV light oily fume decomposition device has four UV


The size of the hood can be customized, it is recommended

to set a UV light oily fume decomposition devic


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