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Mooring Rope

Mooring Rope

Apply for:

  • 1.Ship series: mooring, towing vessels, ocean rescue, transportation hoisting etc.
  • 2.Oceanographic enginerring series: heavy load rope, ocean salvage, maritime resuce, oil platform moored, anchor rope, towing rope, ocean seismic exploration, submarine cable system etc.
  • 3.Fishing series: sishing net rope, fishing-boat mooring, fishing-boat towing, large-scale trawl etc.
  • 4.Sail boat series: Sailing boat rigging, bowline, halyard, sail and string series, yacht anchor rope, mooring line etc.
  • 5.Sports series:Gliding rope, parachute rope, climbing rope, sails rope etc.
  • 6.Military Series: Navy ropes, parachute rope for the paratroopers, helicopter sling, resuce rope, synthetic rope for army troops and armored forces etc.
  • 7.Electric series: Electric construction safety rope, traction rope, insulation rope, protective rope etc.
  • 8.Rescue series: Car winch rope, electric winch rope, outdoor rope, lifebuoy rope, field emergency rescue etc.
  • 9.Net Series:Cargo net in port, safety nets, gangway safety net, cover storage net, marine separation net, the helideck landing net etc.
  • 10.Other uses: lashing rope for agriculture, the trapping rope for daily life, wahsing line, and other industrial rope etc.

Available for CCS, ABS, LR, DNV&GL, BV, KR, NK certificate.

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