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Kitchen Equipment

Marine kitchen equipment refers to equipment used for washing, processing, cooking, distribution, storage, transportation, disinfection and waste disposal of food or tableware. These devices are usually located in the kitchen or in the working room adjacent to the kitchen. Catering equipment refers to cold and hot water dispensers, heat preservation tables, ice-making machines scattered outside the kitchen (such as restaurants, lounges, etc.).

The most commonly used equipment of this kind is mixer, meat grinder, multi-purpose machine, dough machine, etc. For ships with more personnel, it can also be equipped with rice washing machine, slicer, vegetable processing machine and special equipment for making noodles, dumplings, steamed bread and other food. Kitchen mixers can be used for mixing noodles, beating eggs and other similar processing operations. Different materials, different mixers. The single mixer has limited functions, while the multi-purpose mixer is equipped with various removable accessories for meat grinding and other purposes.

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