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Marine Boat Pneumatic Rubber Fender
  • Marine Boat Pneumatic Rubber Fender
  • Marine Boat Pneumatic Rubber Fender

Marine Boat Pneumatic Rubber Fender

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China Marine Boat Pneumatic Rubber Fender Introduction:


    Brand Name
  • OEM
    HS Code
  • 4016940000
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    Customed Made
  • Yes
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    Delivery Period
  • 30 days


Inflatable rubber ball landing is a popular renewal product of ship fender in the world. It uses compressed air as buffer medium to make the ship more flexible in collision avoidance. Compared with general elastic-compressive rubber fenders (such as used tires, solid rubber fenders, etc.), it has the advantages of large shock energy absorption, low pressure per unit area acting on ships, excellent impact fatigue resistance and easy installation.
Widely suitable for large oil tankers, liquefied gas vessels, offshore platforms, large docks, submarine wharfs and other fenders.


The advantages are compared with the traditional elastic rubber fender.
1. Absorbing impact energy is large and the impact force against ships is small.
2. Simple installation.
3. It has good elasticity and will not deform under compression.
4. Light weight, practical and economical. Rubber inflatable fender has been widely used in large piers of oil tanker container ships, yachts, offshore platforms, large docks, military ports, etc.




Quality Guarantee:

Product Range: All marine outfittings, equipment, and facilities, etc.
Product Design: With a strong engineer team, for all marine products, we support design, manufacture, installation, etc, according to your requirements. All products strictly conform to your confirmation.
Product Process: Most of the products are finished on our own manufacture bases, thus quality and delivery time could safely guarantee and also avoid indirect troubles.
Product Inspection: Double inspection make sure quality guaranteed completely.


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